Instant approval of a loan? Is it possible with bad credit?


In fact, receiving instant approval for a loan is not possible and if you find yourself in front of a lender who offers you a loan and approves it instantly, it’s probably a scam. The reason instant approval is not possible is that lenders have to do some research about your identity and need to determine the level of risk they will take by lending you money. While there are countless lenders who want to help you, they still need to make sure you are a responsible borrower. Nevertheless, know that approval for a small term loan is quite possible, even with bad credit. Some lenders are from the old school and like to conduct their business with many meetings and a lot of paperwork. They treat their demands much more slowly than new lenders. They work online and are changing the loan industry. They can verify your identity digitally and use sophisticated technology to measure the likelihood that a borrower will have to repay their loans. This new approach allows for quick approval meaning you will have access to your money as soon as possible.

How to qualify quickly for a short-term loan

 How to qualify quickly for a short-term loan

As mentioned above, the rapid approval of a loan depends greatly on both the lender and the borrower. As a borrower, there are many steps you can take to ensure that your loan will be approved as quickly as possible. Let’s take a look at what lenders are looking for when it comes to a quick approval.

Application Form correctly completed

Failure to complete your first loan application the first time will only delay your approval. The lender will probably need to get in touch with you, which could add days to the process. Completing the application completely the first time is one of the best steps you can take to ensure your quick approval.

Cooperation and willingness to work together

In order for a lender to approve you, he will need answers to a large number of questions and you will provide all the appropriate documents and paperwork. If you want quick approval, you need to make sure you meet all these requirements quickly and correctly. Answer phone calls, check your emails regularly and provide the necessary documentation as soon as possible. The faster you work, the faster your lender will be able to approve you.

Be honest and realistic about your financial situation

Lying about your financial situation, your job, or anything else could jeopardize your loan approval and stretch the process. Most lenders want to help you get the money you need, but they also need to know the truth about your finances.

Can I apply for a short term loan if I have bad credit?


When it comes to new online lenders, bad credit is no longer a problem as there are countless lending companies that do not carry out credit investigation.

As the lending industry changes and evolves, credit reports and credit ratings have become less and less important. The reason is that lenders realize that past financial issues, which have greatly affected a borrower’s credit rating, do not necessarily mean that the borrower can not handle a loan now. There are many new ways for lenders to check creditworthiness without involving a credit check. Many lenders require proof of income, references and bank account verification. This obviously depends on the lender with whom you want to do business, but an approval for a loan no longer depends only on excellent credit.

How can a short term loan help you?


Short-term loans with quick approval are excellent for a variety of situations, including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle or emergency fees
  • Medical problems
  • To cover the cost of an unexpected trip
  • To pay for property damage
  • cover the cost of rent
  • To help break the vicious circle of payday loans

Whatever your financial needs, a short-term loan can help you get back on track, cover the costs of most types of emergencies, prevent you from having to pay for a payday loan, and even help you improve your overall financial health

The Best Payday Loan Solution in Canada

 The Best Payday Loan Solution in Canada

One of the biggest benefits of a short-term loan with quick approval is that it can help you avoid being trapped in the payday loan cycle. The payday loan industry affects those who are in a desperate financial situation. These provide quick access to money but, in general, the consequences are severe. Because of the high interest rates, borrowers who take a payday loan often have to take another payday loan to cover the first one. This is the vicious circle of payday loans. Short-term loans from online lenders often have approval times just as short as payday loans, but with much more manageable repayment plans. With a short term loan:

  • Normally, no credit check will be performed
  • You will have a personalized repayment plan
  • Your term will be 4 to 24 months
  • You will be able to cover the costs of any financial or emergency problem.

Be approved immediately

Maintaining good credit and enough savings to cover any emergency thrown in your way is what we advise you, but we also understand that it is not always so easy. Sometimes problems arise out of nowhere and with a short term loan from Quebec Loans, you will be able to handle the financial problems that come your way.