When you need money during debt consolidation? What to do when there is no money

The biggest disadvantage of debt consolidation is that accident information is posted on credit information agencies during debt consolidation, and new borrowing can not be done until accident information disappears.

Therefore, there are some people who are hesitant about debt consolidation becoming worried if “if you need money during debt consolidation?”

Indeed, there are places where you can finance even while debt consolidation is in progress.

However, please note that borrowing from such a place has a risk that you will be addicted to the unexpected pitfalls.

Here we will explain how to deal with debt consolidation when there is no money.

In principle, it is impossible to newly borrow while debt is being sorted out

When asking a lawyer or a judicial scrivener to process debt consolidation, a notice of acceptance will be sent to the money lender dealt with.

At that stage, collection and payment obligations will be stopped, but accident information will be registered at the credit information agency at the same timing (will be on the blacklist) .

In the black list state, it is considered that there is no repayment ability from the financial industry’s vendor.

Therefore, it is impossible in principle to borrow new debts or make credit cards during debt consolidation.

Is there a bank to borrow even while debt consolidation?

There are people searching for banks to be borrowed even while debt consolidation, but unfortunately it is a general bank, there is no place where you can finance .

Also, compared to banks, it will be difficult to cash in major consumer finance, which is said to be relatively sweet.

However, on the other hand, depending on the company, there are places where it is possible to borrow money even during debt consolidation, if it is small and medium-sized consumer finance.

In fact, there are some small and medium-sized consumer finance and others who have borrowed money even during debt consolidation or voluntary arrangement.

Points to note when money is needed during debt consolidation

However, when borrowing money during debt consolidation, you need to pay attention to the following points.

The terms of the loan will be tightened

For example, in small and medium-sized consumer finance I wrote a story that there is a possibility of borrowing money even while debt consolidation is in progress,

  • Many required documents
  • It takes time to finance
  • Phone is hard to connect

There are many comments that it was quite inconvenient, such as.

Indeed, there are the following disadvantages in small and medium-sized consumer finance.

The same day loan is difficult

Even though debt consolidation is not a problem even for consumer finance, as a lenders side, if you loan money easily, there is a tendency to take time to review because the risk of recovery is increased.

So, even if you need money during debt consolidation, please give up thinking that there is no place where you can finance the same day .

There is a high possibility that the limit amount is small

Even if we could borrow money from small and medium-sized consumer finance, there is a high possibility that the limit amount is low.

Even if the loan amount goes down to 100,000 yen, there is nothing but to think that it can be borrowed.

High interest rate

In small and medium-sized consumer finance, there are many places where interest rates are set at 20% (annual interest) if the loan amount is 100,000 yen or less.

This is the maximum interest rate stipulated by the Interest Rate Restriction Law .

In major consumer finance, there are many places where the maximum interest rate is 18%, but please note that medium and small consumer finance may have even higher interest rates.

It is difficult to collect

In the case of a major consumer finance, there is also a brand image of the company, so even if we are delayed in repayment, we deal with it carefully while dealing with it.

However, since there are many places where small and medium-sized consumer finance is generally difficult to collect, be careful

The risk of getting hooked by darkness

Those who need money during debt consolidation are fascinated by the phrase “sweeping judgment finance that can be borrowed even during arbitrary sorting”, and there are cases where they may be handed out to various places.

However, such people have the risk of getting caught in darkness .

Instead of borrowing tens of thousands of yen for dark money, I will request an exorbitant interest rate or make it not pay off.

And you will never use it as you will drive to get out of debt hell.

If debt consolidation procedures fail

When borrowing money during debt consolidation, the information is registered in the credit information agency, so other lenders will soon bare .

For example, in the case of arbitrary sorting, lawyers and judicial scrivener negotiate hard to negotiate to the lenders with the aim of cutting interest on debt and reducing debt.

What happens if the debtor borrows money from another lender with high interest at such a time?

Although money makers under debt consolidation are preparing for loss at a great price , they feel that they are inequitable if they do such a thing, and the possibility that they will not respond to negotiations increases .

Also, even if you are going through your own bankruptcy, borrowing money during debt consolidation falls under non-permission reasons for exemption and risks disappearance comes out .

In such a situation, not only creditors but also lawyers and judicial scrivener will be inconvenienced.

Because there is a risk that the contract with the lawyer and judicial scrivener will be canceled at the worst, we do not absolutely recommend borrowing money during debt consolidation.

When it is likely that money will be needed during debt consolidation?

Even if funds are basically required during debt consolidation, it is in principle to avoid borrowing money from general financial institutions .

If someone is likely to lend you money with your family and relatives, it would be far better to borrow from such a place.

However, it is important to take measures beforehand so as not to create a state of borrowing money during debt adjustment.

What if there is no money during debt consolidation?

The fact that there is no money during debt consolidation is, in a sense, a matter of course.

So, there are several ways to make debt consolidation easier for those who like it.

For example, if you use a legal terrace, you can use a system called civil legal aid that not only allows you to make free consultations but also allows you to upgrade your attorneys’ fees and then install them for installments later Is possible.

Other are also carried out at the nearest Social Welfare Council life welfare fund loan system By using the, you can also the money necessary to debt consolidation in a range of less than 600,000 yen.

Also, lawyers and judicial scrivener are well aware that you do not have money.

So, consultation on debt consolidation is basically done free of charge, and there are also many law offices that will respond to postpay or installment payment for the cost of debt consolidation.

Indeed, if you are a lawyer or a judicial scrivener who is strong in debt consolidation, you will make a repayment simulation of reasonable debt so that you do not have to be in need of money during debt consolidation.

Since it is commonplace that people who are going to debt consolidation do not have money during debt consolidation, please consult the law experts carefully including that point.

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